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What is a RRIF?

A RRIF is a retirement product, funded by your RRSP, funds which you normally buy when you retire. You also have the option of an annuity with a fixed guaranteed income for your lifetime..

Both products are designed to provide you with an income stream from your RRSP. With RRIF's you can invest in GIC's, mutual funds or segregated funds.

Find out how much you can withdraw

As with all types of calculations, we need to make assumptions. Assuming a growth rate of x % can lead to some bad financial results, so you need to be careful. The most important exercise of all is to make sure you have enough income to last your lifetime.


RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Rates

* There is a minimum amount, but no maximum

* The minimum increases each year

* You can use the age of a younger partner

* You must buy your RRIF by the year you turn 71

* You must commence payments at least in the year after it is opened

RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Table

(at start of year)
60 3.33%
61 3.45%
62 3.57%
63 3.70%
64 3.85%
65 4.00%
66 4.17%
67 4.35%
68 4.55%
69 4.76%
70 5.00%
71 5.28%
72 5.40%
73 5.53%
74 5.67%
75 5.82%
76 5.98%
77 6.17%
78 6.36%
79 6.58%
80 6.82%
81 7.08%
82 7.38%
83 7.71%
84 8.08%
85 8.51%
86 8.99%
87 9.55%
88 10.21%
89 10.99%
90 11.92%
91 13.06%
92 14.49%
93 16.34%
94+ 18.79%
95 & over 20.00%


RRIF Brochures

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